Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Top SFO Official To Depart

The U.K. Bribery Act is set to go live on July 1st.

But will anyone be left at the SFO to enforce the new law?

Of course there will be. As has been witnessed in the U.S., carrying the "enforcement stick" makes one a valuable target for law firm recruiters in this era of increased enforcement - as the firms are eager to provide clients with insight and advice from those who carried or shaped the "enforcement stick."

Coming on the heels of other recent high-level SFO departures (see here and here for the prior posts), yesterday it was reported (see here for the coverage from Legal Week) that Vivian Robinson (SFO - General Counsel) will soon leave the agency and join the London office of U.S. based law firm McGuireWoods LLP.

Over the past year, Robinson has been a very active speaker on behalf of the SFO on the Bribery Act. See here and here for prior posts as to certain of Robinson's speeches or commentary.

Commenting on his move, Robinson told Legal Week - "It has also been a privilege to take part in bringing to the attention of a wide national and international audience the importance of the new Bribery Act, its implications, and the essential role to be played by the SFO as principal enforcer of its provisions."

As has been previously reported, Richard Alderman (Director of the SFO) is also looking to soon retire from the SFO.

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