Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Back and Ahead

Thank you making FCPA Professor a part of your day this year.

I will be doing some year in review type posts in early January, but today I am pleased to share with you the thoughts of others.

Thomas Fox at the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog has put together several year in review posts over the past several weeks. See here and here for his top FCPA enforcement actions of 2010 and here and here for his top FCPA investigations of 2010. Finally, see here for his top FCPA issues of 2010.

Joe Palazzolo and Samuel Rubenfeld over at the Wall Street Journal's Corruption Currents Blog provide ten trends for 2011 here.

Richard Cassin at the FCPA Blog provides a 2011 watch list here.

The FCPA even picked up some hardware in the White Collar Crime Prof Blog's annual "Collar" awards. The Collar for the Gun Used Most Often in Corporate Hold-ups - The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The Collar for Much Ado About Nothing - To the Department of Justice for devoting precious prosecutorial resources to insider trading and so-called foreign corrupt practices--activities that arguably shouldn't be illegal in the first place--while ignoring financial institution accounting irregularities that helped fuel the biggest recession since the 1930s. For other Collar awards see here.


A good weekend to all and until next year be well.

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