Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Africa Sting - The Lawyers

Christopher Matthews over at Main Justice has a thorough piece (here) about the lawyers representing the Africa Sting defendants.

The lawyers in this high-profile case include an eclectic mix of solo practitioners, small criminal defense firms, and large firms which substantial FCPA expertise. The lawyers include a former U.S. attorney, several former prosecutors, and firm with a public website www.entrapped.com. (See here for prior posts regarding potential entrapment issues in this case).

Lawyers for the Africa Sting defendants are due back in court tomorrow.

While respectful of the obvious human dimension of this case, the Africa Sting case could not have come at a better time for FCPA practitioners, which tend to be employed by large law firms - although not exclusively.

The upside from this case is perhaps more indirect than being directly involved in the actual case. The Africa Sting case has received mounds of media attention and notoriety in sectors of the economy that tend not to have FCPA compliance and risk assessment on the to-do list. If nothing more, the Africa Sting case has raised public consciousness of the FCPA and has nudged certain businesses to pick up the phone and talk to an FCPA practitioner.

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